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2015: Holly Delivers Knockout of the year

We may have gambled 95% of our start-up marketing budget on Holly, but we BELIEVED in her 100%.

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2017: Rose is espn mma Fighter of the Year

Rose has been making us proud from the first moment we got her on #grrrlarmy… This GRRRL is undeniable!

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2018: grrrl gets featured on forbes

Meet GRRRL, The Billion Dollar Brand In-Waiting That's Adding Activism To Athleisure

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2019: Alyse Battles Raynaud's In The Ring

Alyse battled and won over her opponent and her own Raynaud’s disease during her August fight. Define strong!

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So, I was Google searching an image of a workout top. Found y’all in an article from “UpscaleLivingMag.Com” - TEN MUST-HAVE CLOTHING PIECES FOR THE ATHLEISURE TREND Avatar ANA MARIA DAKOTA 03/18/2020 I started browsing your site and go to look at sizing. I read about how you size. Picking ACTUAL ATHLETES. And I’m SHOOK! Y’all, I have never felt more understood and fucking respected. Then I read about all the badass women you have and I mean all! 🥰I’m so happy. But what brought me to tears is this- I am two athletes in one and I’m like cool, Amanda up top and Heather on the bottom. So as per usual I’ll need to shop like this- BUT WAIT!!! You have them in a combo sizing and 🤯😭😭 I am CRYING! You get me- you get women- and I am now purchasing from y’all and shouting this MUST KNOW, REVOLUTIONARY knowledge to everyone I know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, from my tree trunk thighs, my boxy waist, and my skeeterbite boobies!!! Customer for life,

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