White Privilege

    I took another shot at it. 60 secs isn’t a lot of time to pitch an important topic. I have a lot of respect for authority. One of my brothers is a Sherriff. I went out for the CHP at 22(got denied bcoz I’d “experimented” too much lol). I have friends of color who are cops- but the reality is, life is very different for me as a white woman. 📣 White Privilege ... let’s talk about it. I legit didn’t become privy to the term until a little over a year ago. I got defensive at first. But the more I listened to understand and not listened to be right, I started to see how different my life is as a white woman. I have the luxury of not having to worry about certain things. I’m determined to find a way to bridge the gap between white women understanding privilege and WOC wanting to help us understand without needing to hold our hand. As the CEO of @grrrl_clothing - I will not stand back and preach a mission without fully backing it up. We cannot build the #grrrlarmy in all of its power without acknowledging the issues our sisters face on a daily basis. This is one of the many reasons why it’s so incredibly important to attend #GL18 We’ll be having a panel discussion on this topic so we can all better understand. These types of conversations are too difficult to have online. I want to understand the real history- not the one that was taught to me by the system. I want to not turn a blind eye. I didn’t even realize that there was very little representation of brown women on our website until my grrrlfriend @pherifit said “yo sis! Where the brown women at?!” a year and a half ago. In that moment, I invited her out from the East Coast to be apart of our next photoshoot. Collectively women will change the world. We ARE changing the world. But we must strengthen our bonds and not just talk the talk but walk the walk. Let all your women know that GL18 is April 28/29th weekend in Las Vegas. #GL18 #grrrlarmy #unity

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