Things We Take For Granted

Things We Take For Granted



So this happened yesterday…..

We were stopped, getting ready to turn across the road, and some bloke on his scooter bashed into the side of our car.  The challenge with that is, when you live in Thailand, if you’re white, no matter what the circumstances are (generally speaking), you’re more than likely at fault.

We immediately got out of the car and were relieved to see the driver get up straight away.  Then out of nowhere some elderly looking man wearing some kind of security uniform came shuffling over to ‘assess’ the damage.  Once the guy got up, picked up his scooter, and saw there was no damage, he then walked over to our car, pointed at the damage, shrugged his shoulders, then motioned with his hands for us to “move along”.

I was livid.  On top of a heap of others emotions.  I was relieved that this man was OK.  I was confused because how could he have not seen us?  I was shocked-

We then got in the car, and pulled into the parking lot and sat in silence for about 5 minutes.

I then realised how vulnerable I felt.  Here we are in a country where most people don’t speak English.  There is no real judicial system like in the west.  After all, I just read a story on the BBC yesterday of a woman receiving 26 years in jail for typing the equivalent of the word “ok” or “I see” in Thai, in response to a post her political activist son wrote on Facebook in regards to the King. I’ve been told that Phuket specifically has had a lot of corruption amongst their police, and have moved the military in to address it.  However, I hear stories all the time of white people having to buy their way out of miscellaneous traffic offences.

All of yesterday afternoon and evening, I was irritated AF.  Getting 2 hours of sleep the night before wasn’t helping either.  However, when I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was pray for guidance.  I prayed for clarity.  Then, off I went to train at my second home, unit 27.  After having an amazing ass kicking session by Frankie, I was driving home when the clarity hit.

So you ready for the clarity?  It’s a message you’ve heard me preach time and time again.  Especially when I was labeled the “ex fetish porn star” in global headlines in 2012.  Ya’ll remember THAT!

But the message still remains the same:  WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE- BE A VICTIM OR BE A VICTOR, and my favourite spiritual tool remains the same: ACCEPTANCE. 

I can either sit here and feel pissed off, and vulnerable, or I can do something about it.  I can either chose to accept that this is the way this country works.  Or I can move- SIMPLE.  So what am I going to do about it?  I’m going to take my ass to a language school today.  And I’m going to accept that this is how shit rolls over here.  If I grew up here, I would probably be trying to hustle tourists too.

I nearly forgot the other main reason of this blog!  The things we take for granted….. I never realised how much I enjoy interacting with people.  Especially strangers.  I’m an extrovert.  And when I can’t communicate with others, I feel isolated. In conclusion, count your blessings baby!  When you go to the post office, bank or grocery store today, make sure you say hi to whomever is helping you.  Use their name and make a point to ask how their day is going- You’ll transform both of your days.  And if you plan on moving to Thailand, make sure you have insurance of all sorts.

Namaste Bitchesssssss

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