So peep game !!

I woke up to the above story and lost my shit.

As the MFCEO of GRRRL, I encourage each and every one of you to take to your social media.

Put ON leggings.
Optional top on or off.
Middle finger in the air.
Then encourage all of your female followers to do the same

In a nutshell, the PRINCIPAL of a high school, told her female students that if they were anything but a size zero or size two, and they wore leggings, they'd look fat.

This is exactly why I started smoking meth as a 17 year old. I was the ASB President of my high school, heading to Stanford, aiming to be the first Female President of the United States. Captain of the cheerleading team, in a Christian rock band, stared the first girls gold team, you want me to keep going?

I did it all. Perfect student. Who on the outside was SO put
Together. Driven. Fucking GOING PLACES. But yet on the inside- HATED MY BODY AND WAS DESPERATE TO BE A SIZE ZERO.

So you can understand my rage.

GRRRL Clothing was created for this exact reason.

No sizing. No photoshop and airbrushing. No bullshit. All body types.

Thank you for sharing.


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