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*From the Facebook desk of GRRRL Athlete Sam Coleman* Recently a few ladies and I over multiple athletic groups have been discussing how to pick the right GRRRL Clothing style for you so I wanted to put out some pictures to better demonstrate my body shape. #shapesam #stylesam #sizesam is the largest size you can order on Grrrl and although we are definitely helping the #bodypositive movement by eliminated "sizes" we understand the translation from traditionally sized clothes to our clothes can be challenging. I am 5'10" and weigh anywhere from 310lbs - 350lbs (seems extreme, but if you look at that as a percentage, it's not as bad as you think and I tend to be much lighter in the off season simply because I don't eat as much 😂). I have a (for lack of a better term) FUPA but my waist measurements tend to be much smaller than my bust or hips - other ladies with a fabulous FUPA understands the importance of mentioning this... I also call it my power belly and have nothing but love for it!). I have 18" biceps which usually means shirts with sleeves are tight in the arms and chest no matter where they come from, but for most women, this isn't an issue. In traditional sizes I range from a 2xl-3xl in tops or unisex t-shirts, 3xl in bottoms or rather a 22-26 size jeans (I even wear size 20 depending on the type of pants, but most of the time, I have to get sizes over 22 to make room for my fabulous legs and booty!) With my body shape, bras are usually a nightmare unless they are sports bras. In a traditional bra size I'm about a 50-B (I have mostly pecs, but a very wide back, so I need more inches around than I do in cup size, but usually I can only find 46/48-C which gets the job done, but never comfortably so usually I opt for very stretchy cotton bras... it's not like I need support there so I can get away with that lol). With my body shape, I can also get into a #sizeheidi because her extra length (she's about 3 -4 inches taller) I have more space for my booty and legs. I hope this helps you determine what style to get and I'll try to post pictures like this in the various outfits I have from Grrrl so maybe we can help you decide is #sizesam is right for you!! @ Grit House

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