Our Community Space - The G Spot

Our Community Space - The G Spot
Yoooooooooo! It's FINALLY happening, y'all! Get a library card and CHECK IT OUT! June 4th, 6-10pm we'll be open for the first time EVER! We started working on a community space back in Feb 2020, then the day before we were meant to open our doors, the Gov. of Nevada was shutting everything down. But the time has come, and we're super excited to bring our first community-retail space called, "The G-Spot!".

  With a big open layout, our aim is to offer this space for free to any woman offering something useful or empowering to the community. Whether that be free yoga classes, self defense, or breast feeding classes- as long as it's helping someone else out, we're about it. We will have a small amount of retail out the front for women unfamiliar with the brand to try things on, and eventually 1 or 2 articles from the range that can only be bought in store. Our vision is to have this a place for women to come in and take The Pledge, pick up a barbell for the first time, ask questions, and get lifted up.  

  We are hoping to spread the word to local Not For Profits and Charities that cater to women and girls, that they know this space is available. Also, if business women or women wanting to use the space to turn a profit want to use the space, they can do so at a fair value price. We see photographers, people teaching, athletic based things, or even basic meeting space being at the forefront. We will have a sliding scale and sponsored opportunities for minority communities who are trying to grow a business and get a leg up as well.

We're asking all of those who know people in Las Vegas to share this blog so people can find the space and join us June 4th in conjunction with First Friday!

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