Konfidence & Women Arm Wrestling:One of the Boys!

As most of you know, I like to do things that girls traditionally aren’t normally supposed to be doing.  I like to break down the walls of gender separation and remind the public that in reality, girls can lift heavy ass stuff, change a tire, and smash a brick wall with a sledgehammer.  Boys can cry, wear pink and ask for help.  It’s that simple.

If you’re outside of Australia and reading this, which I’m sure most of you are, the word “footy” can mean several different things down under.  You have the game of rugby which has both union and league.  You have soccer, which is often referred to as ‘football’ by most European countries.  Then you have AFL (australian football league) which is a combination of something like basketball, football (the US football/NFL is called Gridiron out here) and soccer.  It’s a very popular sport, and is close to being neck and neck with Rugby League as most favourable in Australia.

Well, a couple of legends from ‘the footy show’, ‘after the bounce’, had us arm wrestling legends come and show the hosts how it’s done. As usual, yours truly had to act a ham.  I love a camera, and ANY opportunity to show boys that girls can play just as hard, if not harder! They did take the part out where I say to Spud, “How does it feel to loose to a girl with SMALLER boobs than you!”.  hahahahaha! Enjoy-

ps- I apologise for the slack updates.  I’ve been so busy working on this camp that I’ve fallen off for a bit.  I’m not far away though, I promise icon wink Konfidence & Women Arm Wrestling:One of the Boys!

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