New Years Resolutions: Goal Setting, Perspective, and #yearoftheGRRRL

Happy New Year to all the grrrlfriends! As your fearless leader and MFCEO of GRRRL Clothing, I'm pleased to bring you our first blog post! Today we'll be discussing a topic which will soon be on all of your minds; New Years Resolutions.  As we start to bring in 2016, we felt it was important to have a casual chat about New Years Resolutions, and what that even means.  So often we throw words around, and don't stop to process what they actually mean.  Or is that just me? <insert lol>
  1. 1.
    a firm decision to do or not to do something.
    "she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more"
  2. 2.
    the quality of being determined or resolute.
    "he handled the last British actions of the war with resolution"
    synonyms: determination, purpose, purposefulness, resolve, resoluteness, single-mindedness, strength of will, strength of character, will power,firmness, firmness of purpose, fixity of purpose, intentness, decision,decidedness; More
    So- now that we've actually defined the word "resolution" lets break it down, shall we?  Every year we make firm decisions to do, or not do something.  Here's a few I've had over the years: *I'm going to drink less *I'm going to lose weight *I'm going to pay off all my credit card debt *I'm going to lose weight *I'm going to travel more this year *I'm going to lose weight You feel me?!  It always seemed like my first and foremost priority, each and every year, was "lose weight".  Or at the very least, my resolutions had SOMETHING to do with my physical exterior.  Whether it was bringing out my 6 pack abs, or creating a bigger butt, I would rarely focus on a resolution that was something to do with the inside. It wasn't until I was in my late 20's, that I started to realise how messed up and unimportant my resolutions were.  Being someone who has struggled with body image my entire life, to such a point that I'd found myself hooked on drugs and alcohol by the age of 18 because I had so much self hatred, I became real interested in finding out the how and why of where this mental insanity came from. Without carrying on and writing a thesis, I'll just say that knowledge is power.  But the point of this blog, is to remind ourselves that there is a difference between stating resolutions, and goal setting.  Stating a resolution is pointless if you have no action plan to back it up.  We all start out with great intentions, but without some kind of written game-plan, without any steps to put in place, we merely just drift through life on autopilot, until we get to the next New Years Eve, and realise that we were STILL talking about the same resolutions! The other powerful tool that is often overlooked, is perspective.  So often we look at things in a  "I have to" or "I need to" kind of a way.  With this approach and attitude, our perspective is all funky and tainted.  Who the hell enjoys "having to" do anything?  I sure don't!  Tell me I "have" to do something, and watch what happens next..... <insert another lol while we're at it!> The point is, I've always found it helpful to keep my perspective in check.  Instead of thinking "I have to", I think about "I GET TO".... I GET TO _______________.  So even if I was still making resolutions of losing weight (I stopped doing that once I hit 30- turning 30 was like becoming enlightened for me, haha!!), I'd change my perspective to, "I get to lose weight".  I get to get out of bed with both feet, I get to see the gym and all the equipment I'm about to use to lose this weight, I get to breathe fresh oxygen and am not stuck living next to the Los Angeles airport runway, I get to buy healthy groceries, and am not stuck living on the street hooked on meth, I get to ...... You see where this is going- you are a #brightgrrrl In conclusion, here are the takeaways: -instead of saying resolutions out loud, or merely thinking them in your head, write it down on paper.  until it is written on paper, it's merely a dream floating around in the sky.  put it on paper, make it real, write out steps to break down the goal (you don't levitate to the top of the staircase every time you go up a flight of stairs do you?), then hold yourself accountable by going back and checking your trajectory.  did you know that if a plane is off by 1 degree, it's miss it's destination by thousands of miles?  <or something along those lines lol!> -sharpen your perspective.  are you a "have to" type of girl, or are you a "GET TO" type of GRRRL? -check yo resolutions: are you making resolutions about your exterior looks?  if so, why?  for who?  start asking yourself questions.... and A LOT of them.  take the time to process your behaviour.  are you going to spend this entire year repeating patterns?  why?  what patterns?  OR are you going to set resolutions that are empowering, and loving? What's my resolution you ask?  Well- my goals for this year are to focus on just being.  To stop judging myself and everything else in my life, so much.  I'm working on letting things just be. Not good, not bad, but just is.  Thank you for asking!  TeeHee!!!! LOVE YOU GRRRL! XOKOgrrrl

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