Women's Sizing: Created By A White Man In The 1940's

Women's Sizing: Created By A White Man In The 1940's
Say Whattttttttttttttt?! Women's sizing was created by a white man in the 1940's?  You heard right sister!  Clearly, I'm imaging you're having the same reaction that I did, when I first heard wind of this news.  But wait.... it gets even better. This white man, whom we'll call "Bob", wasn't even a fashion designer, engineer of fabric, nor even the husband of one.  Bob was employed by the United States Department of Agriculture (because clearly, agriculture and fashion go hand and hand).  And Bob's job was to 'deal with women's sizing'.  So what did Bob do?  Well, what any 'smart', white man would do at the time: He conducted a survey, targeted at the poorer socioeconomic background of skinny white women, by offering them $5 to participate.  Keep in mind that was a good chunk of change back then. After concluding the survey, and pulling in the 'stats', Bob said this in regards to his scheme possibly not working, "Well- if it doesn't fit, she can sew it.".

Well Bob, it's 2016, and I sure as shit do NOT sew.  We're changing the gamesewing manual

So, without taking into consideration what the average shape of a woman actually was, not to mention a woman of any colour, other than white (not PC, don't care!), "women's sizing" was born.  And as we like to say around GRRRL HQ:  WE.  CALL.  BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

Namaste Bitchesssssssssss.



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