Why your daughter NEEDS to be @GL18

From the desk of the MFCEO.

Some of you may know of me as a teen whisperer. It's true. I have a knack with them. But it's not rocket science. And my goal is to personally train and develop mentors all over the world.

Below find a post from a mother who has a 13 year old daughter who recently experienced bullying.

So why the blog? Because I want to show off and prove how fucking awesome I am?

I don't think so.

It's an attempt to get the word out there that if you or anyone else you know who might have a teenage girl in your life who needs help- MUST get to GRRRL Live 2018, April 27/28th 2018 in Las Vegas.

This year we'll even be offering a package ticket for guardians/single fathers who want their precious cargo to have an opportunity to empower a life.

Website will be updated and ready to rock in a couple weeks. So stay tuned.


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