Processing Our Accomplishments

Processing Our Accomplishments

What’s up y’all!  I should probably be writing this on our GRRRL blog as the MFCEO, but I’ve got too many blogs.  99 problems and a drink ain’t one y’all!  Just my own thoughts causing me insanity!  hahahahaha!  ANYWAYYYYYYYY- thought I’d just share this little conversation I had between myself and one of our amazing GRRRL athletes.  This athlete, whom we’ll call “young blood”, is in her early 20’s, and has just set a number of world records with her powerlifting.

I love the GRRRL movement, and everything that we’re doing.  But I’ve got to tell you-  being a CEO/business person isn’t something I enjoy doing.  I enjoy teaching.  I enjoy connecting with people on a personal level.  Not on a transacting, business level.  I find it boring as bat shit.  (because I’m CERTAIN bat shit is boring….)

ME:     How do you feel? Have you sat down quietly and written or processed your accomplishment

Young Blood:              I’m good. But noooo

  • ME:      ok well time for big sister talk. while youre still in your 20’s, strongly recommend making a point to create small, sustainable little habits now that will help keep you “happy” as you move along. so often we just rush through life, either thinking about the past or the future, and not really sitting in the moment. you’re probs so busy writing back comments to people, people messaging you asking you for advice, people saying “thank you for changing my life, you inspired me etc”. or busy writing back sponsors, or planning your workouts and meets for the next 3 months. your food lolololololol. it’s important that you take time to go inward. like sit down, chill the fuck out for AT LEAST 5 mins, and sit quietly. process your achievements. connect with how it felt to stand up on that podium and take that picture. connect your mind with the emotion, and hold onto it. really burn that shit into your brain. because what happens, is we move so fast through life with so much shit to distract us, that we don’t really grasp the amazing shit we do along the way. like your big sister for example- I STILL haven’t fully come to terms with creating a revolution – I’m too busy working on the next thing. and setting the bar higher and higher. fucking what retreat I’m gonna plan next year. thinking about all the workshops and shit I’ve done with Kamp Konfidence that Im currently not utilising. instead of sitting and saying “holy FUCK! I’ve fundamentally changed 61 teenage girls lives for the better, I”M AMAZING!” I get stuck in that “oh shit what if i forget it all, what if it was a big waste of time? what if someone else does it bigger and better before I get a chance to roll it out again?” BLAH BLAH BLAH! you get where I’m going with this?

    because they don’t teach us this shit in school, it is IMPERATIVE that you learn these little things along the way so YOU can pass them on. otherwise we’re all gonna go crazy! hahahahahaha! and aint NOBODY got time fo dat!  I’m proud of you. (and notice I didn’t use the word “very”. no need to say “very proud” of you. it takes away from the word proud. it doesn’t need any emphasis. I’m fucking proud of you is suitable however.) xo

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