GRRRL Talk With Amelia Rosegrant

GRRRL Talk With Amelia Rosegrant
Hey everyone!  GRRRL Clothing is nothing without you. The history of this amazing brand starts with your personal GRRRL story! I am making it my mission to share your stories by featuring one special GRRRL each month!  Lets see what Amelia  had to say in this edition of #GRRRLTALK. SPUNKY: How did you discover GRRRL? AMELIA: I honestly don't even remember. I think it may have been on either a FB group or Instagram. Someone recommended GRRRL and I had to go check it out.
SPUNKY:What made you want to become part of this movement?
I just loved what it stands for. Every other media message we get is about targeting other women and how we are needing to always be one-upping each other. That is so exhausting.  I really loved the sizing concept.  I love how it empowers women of all sizes to identify with a badass woman rather than whatever concept a letter or number size gives. I also value how open and honest KO is with all of us. She doesn't hide behind her company or make excuses. If she's going through a tough time we know about it and can support her, which makes her more relatable to the community. She's very open to feedback as well, both positive and negative. You don't see that much from a CEO. 
SPUNKY: What was the first thing you wore?
AMELIA: The first GRRRL item I ever got were the donut shorts. I was so excited when they came I wore them all the time, and when the donut Next Level leggings came back in stock in my size I had to order those immediately as well. Now I have several tank tops and I just got my rainbow pants in and I can't wait to wear them!
SPUNKY: How did finding GRRRL change your life?
AMELIA: The GRRRL private Facebook group is one of the most supportive communities I've ever been a part of. I love that so many different women are represented whether from different sports or just walks of life. I love that the community doesn't shy away from discussing the difficulties all women face. Even when there are differences of opinion all conversations are  handled with courtesy.
SPUNKY:What would you say to other women out there right now, what do you think they need to hear?
AMELIA: Stop following people that make you feel bad about yourself. Surround yourself with people who will support you but,  also give you a reality check if and when you need one. Be kind to yourself. We are so conditioned to focus on what's "wrong" with us and that only causes harm. Support other women in your life, whether its emotionally or financially or whatever the case may be. Do no harm but take no shit, if someone is toxic to you, cut them off. I think personally and a lot of other women I've talked to feel this way as well, the focus is to take care of others first. But,  if you're not in a healthy place that is so much harder to do. So take care of yourself. Listen to people who are different from you, especially if you have privileges they don't. Do not discount their experiences or tell them they are wrong. Just shut up and listen which is often hard to do, especially if you're used to having a platform to speak up.
As always I love hearing from you GRRRLS
Keep fighting the good fight

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